C ollegiate H ighrises I nflating C hange A nd G etting O ld

Coals burn hot, hot burning coals

Sear the tabacco---wacko it may be

This smoke, in rings, sings sonnets to

My lungs

I watch her exhale, the slow steady

Dragon stream from her nostrils

Like sex encarnate, a commercial poster

Selling the masses the face, product necessarily


How I feel…


Shit god damn to be the King of Jazz

I feel the head Rush now

My head makes another left turn down

The track picking up speed

Goodbye junkies

Hello Nurse!

A bottle of love

Corked, stopped, screwed, blocked

Plugged, uhged, shrugged, OFF


In limbo

Like a bimbo, fool

A tool, Phillips or flathead?

Flatfeet says she I have

How long til the train departs?

GOD how l love her so

I want everything to do with her

I want to do everything with her

I want with her to do everything

But I forget what I want

I know, but I chose to forget

While she is in my arms

Hot breath, hot kiss

Embrace, lips lock---pressure---release

Like the train whistle, I’m listening

With all my heart, to hear

“All Aboard”

Fuck the blah blah blee blop


Meaningless combinations of diction

Hackneyed overused---redundant

Phrases tied, held, glued together

By---Aristotle, Icarus, Zeus, Caesar, Machiavelli, Shakespear

Was the genius



Words   wrods   wdros

Are the filler---are meaningless

When not shared with you

Because you are the only thing that matters

I can never waste a breath in your name

Beating a dead drum, a broken drum

with the carcass of the squirrel

the dead and broken body

of our tree dwelling neighbors

Squished, squashed, smashed, sloshed

on the tar, black and bulging

I see its one eyeball, intact despite

the pressure his little head withstood

one eyed squirrel, deformed and black

like the coffee and espresso that

fueled the high strung, loud tongu-ed



angry, belligerent drivers’ rush

banging their own drums, day after day

For some pay-per tender

Show me the chest ridden with gold

coinage, the jewels of empires past

why work? Fuck the laws, rob a bank

dress in black, storm the city of Rome

Overthrow the oppressor, replace the tyrants

with your own---oppressors and tyrants

its almost perfect---ideally, dually,

realistically they just want the money






They became the CEO of the state


& what about the squirrel? It needs

no money, no bank account, no trust

fund, no debt, no mortgage, no bills

no payments, no dues, no dates---

Ah to be free and eat nuts all day

Peanut, cashew, almond, macadamia,

walnut, Brazilian, hazelnut, pecan

like the pie I eat as I sip my

own 2 part espresso and 1 part coffee drink

and write this, minutes before my shift

begins, look out, road and squirrel alike

my tires burn for you.


Hydrogen 2part

Oxygen 1part

pour into aluminum and steel pot to

induce reaction and thermalize the


break adhesive cardboard container

flap, flop and fill pot with enriched

processed, packaged, prepped, and pressed

-ah alliterations amaze anemic anacondas-

grain of the earth, harvested by

machines, so far removed from the

source all WE can do is boil the

noodles because tonight

we are making pasta


Shrinkwrap stomach nap banana cap peel

back evolution’s skin to reveal nothing-

but what is seen

take the bandaid off the wall and peep Tom peep

through the crack, through ups and downs, through

twisting and turning through hot and pressured pipes

to street via stream duct

the city exhales for a moment until new tar pits equilibrate

the street and trap the dinosaurs that we are

on avenues and mazed roads that we dare not veer from

we congest and clog mother nature’s skin

the follicle trees and teary river ducts line the nostrils mountains

all runoff into our carnivorous mouths

veganism equals adaptation


And just like that the leaflet falls, four

blades meet their cousin-grass-and

can only hope to decay as fast as their

brothers lying next to them so not to

miss the bagging and dumping, stunted

from fertilization by plastic black carriers

four like that a leaflet just falls, And…


Repetition, again and a again, that’s what

she said, he said

further we goat cheese churn our minds

fermented, coagulate the learned

words of our higher uppers, downers

they beat into our orifices, no water

fish, student, artist, gasp for air, real


fishhooked creativity lured in on industries

totem pole, reworked, reconsidered

rewritten, garbage bullshit

the world is full of sequel prequel quell

bullshit. Its like someone saw


took the organ out of it, the heart

that inspired and left us with iility

it makes me ill



Grey leviathan clouds of varying shades

pass overhead a rowdy sea of blue

changes in size and shape like oscillations

from the roar below.

Inch by inch they creep, in lines in rows

in clusters across the plane

step by step they arrive and swell

full, unable to hold it any longer, they

unzip their dramas, pouring their overhydrated

reservoirs down to the sewages of

the cities, drunk with delight they

continue their rain, lightning fast change,

shake zip done – the Cubs fans leave

the bathroom, and search for more beer.



I follow the midnight orange bathroom

spray scent, orange citrus blended with

steak, up the stairs, after tast and

heartburn, after smell & heart ache


The red leggings in stocking and heels

black skort, light my way with its sound

yellow and orange bulbs – KIN

to the street, Mary’s Café & the like

It’s the dusty cigarette butt, ashcan still trashcan

Take the NISC tower, gutters, not all is


Waiting for the train


I think its funny that cigarettes are

White and they turn your lungs black

I should really not smoke tobacco

And the movie theatres should let

Anyone that is named Max into “Where

The Wild Things Are” for free.  


And so begins the ever peeing fountain of coffee

I was blasted by onion air

Cock sauce by Siracha wey

Walking to class passing by alley

Cooked in oil, my favorite smell


Cracked rocks blue solid to white dust, un’neath shoe, pops wet stone, as heel-toe steps


Fluorescent Umpaloompas stand at waddled attention waving orange dildos

Blowing on whistles

And blueballing (the) flow


All the pretty women exit at division

Makes men question their circumcision

Beauty remains perceptually intact

Blonde brunette redhead, fact