I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:

i am a leo, and my astrology says i have predisposed feelings towards people and situations. 

does that mean my charts already know if i am gay or not? if I am going to love a libra? if my pride shows itself in my career?

do the analysts see my complicated thoughts about sexual behavior and desire? not so much A list stars but XXX list stars are the ones to watch. 

how did the x become just a sexualized, tantalized, almost embarrassing letter? when i read any x in a sentence i always think it is about sex, and my eyes wander and find the letter in hopes it is something taboo i can read. 

writing about the sexual acts really does stimulate the body, if the body knows how to tap into certain vibrations. 

its amazing how letters and words have vibration. someone who has lied to you about being a sexual predator by using an alias seems a different person altogether when the new name is discovered. wow. who are you? the whole interpretation of a person can really be based on either their body/bones, or their name/letters.

if i became mark and lost max, the enticing and salacious nature of my name and person might shift into some normalized vibration with a normal spelling with a more normal name. sorry my mark readers, but max is more rare, and has a punch and a cut, with also the neosporin built in.