I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:

While driving around highways, free

Ways of seeing the world

Paid for in some amount at some time in a deductible sum from shoes made of gum

seeking the monies to pay the loan, I groan and wonder, as I drive my passengers to and fro

the airport (because being an “airport friend” is another class of friend altogether) how easily I could

crash my car, and veer intentionally into the wrong lane. How quick would it be between and before my door and your’s come smashing together? Who else would be affected and where would the damages end on the road? How many would stop? When would the disgruntled commuter get home after the delay on the news told them to reroute their normal journey? 

I am a safe driver. I’ve been in one fender which totaled my first car. I now have my second and only other car. I learned my lesson to not be on social media while on the road. Narcissistic fees keep piling up if you let them. I take my cargo very seriously and the souls of people and materials make it to and from A or B with intention and respect. 


But, how far would my car fly off the road if I made a hard turn while going 80?