I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:

Improvement of human capacity is constantly being innovated towards artificial integration. The smart glasses, devices, homes are all utilizing the grid and our utility sector more than ever before, 

As if my hand isn’t touching an electronic THING enough, the topic of implanting a chip into our bodies is a candidate running at the forefront of the umbrella industry. For further integration and maximization, this futurism idea seems touted as faster than human capacity. 

Sure, downloading porn into my memory is a titillating idea. A virtual reality available at the speed of a blink can seem like an ultimate escapism. I can imagine the useful vacation packages offered with an eco-leaning marketing scheme which environmentalists can rally behind. (ON THAT NOTE—WE SHOULD ALL BE ENVIRONMENTALISTS. ALL HUMANS ARE FROM THE ENVIRONMENT.) 

“Go to Thailand, without the guilt.” 

“Fuck a ladyboy, without the STI”

“Save the Earth, without leaving your house.”

I don’t care how much faster the computational limits can be for mathematicians or scientists, even gamers and addicts, I would never implant a computer into my body for the simple reason of fuel: the chip might require a source of energy that food cannot provide. I might become a battery that needs a time dedicated to being plugged into a wall or outlet. Bodies have evolved for so much longer on this Earth and are a completely miraculous machine on their own. 

I don’t want to touch my body with foreign objects…well, sex toys are another story. The low risk in removal is the intriguing part to those in particular.

if a computer chip were to give me the best orgasm of my life, but I would need to sign a contract for installation and accept the updating software terms and conditions, I would take my hand any day.  

Imagine if the food source needed to run the implanted chips was different than actual food and we needed to eat some soylent kind of paste, whose manufacturing company is eventually controlled by a huge lobbying group/muscle to an overgrown industry, commensurate to the overinflated ego of its customers.