I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:

Everyone eventually talks about the animalistic tendencies to being human. Even the creationists liken their brute force in football games to gorillas, for example.

We fuck like rabbits, people are snake or rat-like. You are either a dog or cat person. We are flighty like birds, the ‘mass mind’ is like a pack, groups of friends are like herds, if frightened we are deer in headlights, people are strong like an ox, some are as quite as a mouse, the denizens of ‘sheeple’ suck the individuality out of creative humanlike experience. 

So, what if there were videos of men and women behaving like all animals, sexually, platonically and socially? If we mated like bedbugs, and if we fucked like ducks, and if we sparred like mountain sheep, if we ate out young like hamsters and lions, etc…

…how far could the envelope be pushed for us mammals to watch these behaviors of other mammals until we stopped seeing or feeling an earth like, planet-centric connection?
—Until the videos show people doing invertebrate and non mammalian activities?—

How classist are we?