I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:

Who wants to run for office? Those who don’t have a background online, or those who have only smoked cannabis in college, ONCE. 

Yeah, ok. Sure you did. 

I think the winner of the competition and selection (not election) of the US president is determined by who is on the side of Israel. If any politician supports the boycott against the Israeli state and thinks Palestine deserves its agency, country back, and dignity, they will not be president. 

If they do not support the boycott and are secret or blatant Zionists, then all that determines the winner amongst the pool of like minded puppets is who has the best money managing team behind their relative wealth. 

Palestine deserves to be left alone, un-occupied, and supported as respected humans. 

Yes, my heritage is Jewish. I don’t practice and I don’t believe I am a Jewish person because that is like calling the Christians a race. 

it’s brainwashing to a global degree. I don’t want to do the Birthright trips because I don’t want to be indoctrinated into the belief that I have to marry someone Jewish and have Jewish babies. Don’t tell me that the religion is more important than those lives of the bombed and oppressed peoples YOU threaten. Stop it. 

Yes, being part of a community is a good thing. I think we all want to belong. And if I chose the group, based on pacifist and loving ideals, then I will join, or partake. But being comfortable in a group of mostly caucasian clones of me versus being aware of the hypocritical stance that—you support free speech yet have a hold on the congressional members’ platforms from the USA—tells me that you have your interests in mind more than anyone else. 

I am selfishly declaring I won’t support your selfishness.