I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:

holding up, upholding

the resolve

new year, new you, new doo, new boo


see, that’s just it, 

the newness of these things claws at you

trading in the old with the latest - goals(?)

this is a form of brainwash. we are programmed to feel that what is in existence is inadequate. the economic brain disease has taken over the spouse, the thing in your pocket, the idea of your body and self. 

We have such an obsolescent outlook on the experience of things. Nothing good can ever last. Get it while the getting is good. 

Yes. All things decay. The life we have will end. We break, we rebuild. BUT

“Allowing the brain” seems to be the phrase: give permission for your mind to ______(fill it in) feel the endlessness of time? “Allow your mind to relax” shows the control we have on the outlook and outcome of experience.

Why does time go slowly, AT ALL??? (When we have fun, when we are bored, when we are waiting) IT SHOULDN’T GO ANY SLOWER OR FASTER THAN…TIME. 

Sinking into the experience is telling your mind to slow down; it is the conscious decision to slow down time. 

When you meditate, the energetic actions of your awareness are the slowing down of time. This is the antithesis of the need to upgrade your life in the form of new years resolutions. If you can change the paradigm for occurrence, then the things/places/people slow down with you, and you can enjoy their mint condition longer. We won’t think about it, we won’t know better, we won’t hear the lies every, fucking, day. That ignorance is bliss.

Why do we have the need to improve? Is it the same need to manipulate time and travel through the barriers of this world? How come the inherent structure and functionality of Earth is so easily toppled with the musings and fantasies of humans? 

What is good enough? When is your life the needed and obvious resolve? Can we ever change our need for the new and accept the same, just seen through another lens?

It will take time.