I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:

What do members of Congress think when they see the parodies and satires of SNL about them? A weird mirror it must be, highlighting the intuitive compass voice which second guesses the controversial actions of their services. 

Does Pence think he is gay when he sees the actors jab at his orientation? Does he know they have figured him out?

How do the politicians keep it inside? Are they more resolved to their platforms if they have been rightfully called out? Are the writers of SNL actually working against their own desires—by trying to call the political figures out on their behavior—they actually reinforce the policies?

How fudged would that be. 

Does DRUMPF get ideas from the skits? Would he ever see the truth in the joke, and act on improving who he is? What is his thought—oh yeah, they got me right, I am the greatest; or: fuck they know I’m an idiot, I’m too far into this, I have to keep being this asshole. 

I hope they see their faults. I hope they feel the moral shame of knowing they can do better, and that others see them. They are not invisible. 

Do their counterparts bring up the skits the next week and what are those conversations like? Is there a strict don’t speak about the parodies of me rule? How lame is that? Do the assistants meet in secret to discuss the social impact of SNL and other shows, and how the assistants know what they mean and the importance. 

I sure hope so. 

And then I hope they are all incestuous, power hungry BDSM cultists who keep the swamp afloat with their masked and secretive backdoor encounters and reach around egging ons.