I may be this thing, 

you call human

I am composed of flesh

but my thoughts are deceiving:


Where did the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs come from?

What was its inception? How long ago was it formed, and from what? 

Was it ever encountered by an alien force of energy?

How did the genesis of its movement begin and what started the path? 

How fast was it traveling before/and was it redirected?

Did the universe, which created everything, know of its predestination? 

Does predestination function in the universal sense, because causality and connection bring opposing and attracting forces together all the time?

How much time did the asteroid take to move through space?

What did the asteroid look like on approach, considering the composition of the atmosphere at the time?

Was there a mammal or dinosaur who was on their way to evolving at the time, saw the asteroid, and cognitively knew that something traumatic was going to happen?

What would that specific species have been?

Where would we be today, had there been no paths crossed from cosmic pinball machines?