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I killed a Yemeni mother. My tax dollars paid for the January 2017 air strike under the 45th administration. 

This is not the first mother I have killed. My tax dollars have killed hundreds of mothers and children. 

I am a killer; my country is filled with killers. We are all guilty of killing the Yemeni mother, shot dead while standing next to her son.


Participants will use Crayola brand window chalk to write on their car windows "I killed a Yemeni mother, # Taxes Fund War."

Make sure to separate the hashtag words, so the phrase can be easily read by drivers around you. 

Take a photograph next to your car. Upload it to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Record a video if you feel inclined, about the hidden costs of war, and where your hard earned money is really going. 

Demand an end to war. War is a human condition---we can end it, if we want. 

Peace Love Harmony Beauty Namaste


Later Event: August 30
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