The Alphabets



Americas all enamored with Albany alabaster
Atop alpines adjunct to airplanes
Albeit the amounts continue to ascend
Absconded Arkansas and acapella Adams
Aim their angled answers straight,
To alternate and amaze the allotted applicants
Poised for acclaimed anarchy
Alleviated they must be to absently avoid altercation
Add assumptions to angry algorithms
Crumbled rhetoric of apathy.



Broken ball bearings of bombs beneath the battered
Beaches and buoyed boys bounce bats of beauty
Beyond their brothers, because they’re baited and bothered
With the brash and backwards bludgeoning of bees
By banks and Big Bell carriers, between brevity
And briefness, business of bullshit
As beggars burn their butter, already bummed
Bystanders of bureaucratic botanists who beguile the beauty

Of barracudas and sea barons
Because boysenberries bought rather than bequeathed

Bury the big bang beliefs bellowed by bagpiping beasts.



caffeine can conjure clouded consciousness into clinical
citations while congruently complicating characterizations
of cats, caterpillars and caballlos, cemented cooks cover
convectional cessations, coddling caesarian cantelopes
calmly and cooling, cancerous castles and convoluted
checkmates, Chris crossing comfortably, clapping and
cornering chic chicks in chivalrous comings with coffee

and confidence.



digital daises detect dunces duking it out over
hazardous defenses, ducks dissecting dirt and

damp derivatives, drolling the doomed and drained
dexterity of demilitarization, definitive dances defeat
the drops of blood by drumming delinquent dad’s,
authoritative Duh’s and god damn it’s, disintegrate
as daylight breaks and dawn draws dew on doddering



Enough of evangelical elasticity, elongated emanation of endless
excuses, elbowing each other, even estimates envision

everlasting evasiveness, eschewing the elevated eternalists|
engraining encouragement in eagerness
encompassing energy and ethereal effervescence
through eons of eliminated elders.



that france had come flowing fresh like follies from finland
frustrated Felix, so to fumigate his fennels he focused his
face forward, frowned and felt like falling, deep deep deep
deep into the fiery forest, with foliage enflamed by flies

blinking and flashing for four days until their filaments fail
flying ferociously for forest wood, filling their faces full
of farmers features, chopped chins and rings of age
flawlessly fixated on fuzzy forensics foraging for the
ferocious woodsman forever fleeing the fairies who
fly and cry and fear the frenched follies of finland
as freedom finds fourteen fattened friends watching
from furnaces afar, fooling no one, farting and fainting.



Oh gusty winds gliding genetics of guilder gators,
glowing green and grounded in Glenwood Springs
Gaping gorges, gorgeous
Gas guzzling tour groups
Greeted by gentile girl
Grinning gallery of groomed
Generalizations, grown up like grass, guiding gentlemen globally,
trotting and galloping in trained and gentrified gallows,
grumbling at grasping grub, hungry for grilled goat.



Houses hold their hairbrushes in hidden desires for Him
Heralds hack the high necessity that is happiness, heckled
For harrowing the heightened histograms in hustled hoity toity

Helplessness, hinting at the exchange of holy havoc.



In implicit increments the ilk of Icelandic iconoclasts, burning incense,
immediately illuminated the illness of Icarus.

Ionized information thrown into infinite incandescenes,
ironically infused with iron to a degree of idolatry. Igloos are the issue.



Jack was just jinxed after Jill jumped from the moving jeep,
as the rejuvenated fable jarred Jove and the Roman jesters
to joke about the jugs of jubilee their storytellers jived for.
Julius jumped for joy, juxtaposed the juking Brutus to join another javelin troupe,
perfect his jousted thoughts, so to injure with a jab again the je ne sais quoi
of June’s déjà vu junkies, who, jonesing for another jar of janky jam,
carve jade from judgment missed and jingled jurisdiction,
went jobless in the judicial jail of Jungian fables, that send juveniles to Jersey.



knuckles knock down knives thrust into kibitzing kittens of the kibbutz
kids of kinetic energies knit kits of Kazakhstan kif
and know far beyond all kinds of beams and reams of kaleidoscopic knowledge
keen to kindle the Kraft cheese and skill set of killing cows, kudos given in kilos
and bytes, sedating the kinderweld by purchased kitsch, knots of kayaks kept high
on tea kettle Kaisers who recite the kersey of knit khakis, raised on kiwi ketchup
and kung fu Kodak
who also knew when to put the kibosh on the canto.



Lechee legs love linguistical lumps, while longevity lusts
in loathsome links to levitations by lattes from low down luke warm lucky lifestyles.

Lo and behold, little liars languish the lilies of London,
layering lasers in slicing alignment on behalf of luging Lithuanians
looming over the Olympic light, luggage lugged across lakes in flight pattern lines,
web of livers laughing from loose lunches,
liquor lime twists lay siege like lightning on lunar solstices celebrating spring,
rolls lively as life lean and mean, learned lards of lazy locals,
fall like leafs left to gravitational leisure, lassoed and lashed by limber logs,
loaded through lagoons of lush leapers whose lips recite: Love and Life Live.



Mondays mull mules with migraines from missed molecular meetings,
which melted the mortar and molten molds of Machiavellian mischief,
moving masts of Moroccan mulch mixed with milk,
miserly mumps misplaced and misspelled from humps,
making out the mastication oh my I meant masturbation milling with mocha art,
menacing species of male motivations from miles moved by moccasins over mountains,
misappropriated mechanics made mute by malicious medieval monarchies,
mining the monetary movies that mean well and manipulate
mercenaries for mid-west Mississippi memories.



Nooses give nurses their daily notifications because
snubbed ninja loving novelties deem nerds necessary for novice nitpicking,
while the concept of nullification is never discussed because
Nazism makes negative news valid, nucleus of Nigerian nothingness
and nice nannies bring nine nickels dipped in copper unseen in the nigh of night,
shadows cast by the networks of knights nervous for ninth graders notions



Oncologists oscillate organs of Oklahoma ontop of old ostriches,
organizing oneness for overseas order, occupy the orbits
from which oligarchies overflow, overt and offensive,
the oppositions appear, only owed a small debt, once for an Oscar.



Pepper pussy pods pounding pans
Pleasing priests praying perfunctory
Personized, prohibited proverbs
Performing pooled passages perfectly, pleasured
Power plants perpetuating purges.



Quizzical qualms of quasars make quick Quixote quests seem qualified in Queens,
or Kuwait, pause, can this quiche quench and quiet my questions quickly?
Quite, those equestrian equations of qi qua equilateral nodes of consciousness,
making a quandary over queer Quatrains.



 Retched rubies retied ‘round rolling reams of rabbits reach
new realms in real rotary, red eyed ruminations realize royalty
reconstitutes rationality in refined rhetoric, really now, feels rushed, wrong.



Short skirted season charades shows shockingly sunkissed skin survived.



Tectonics tick and tock as twins tweet about their Thai food,
wearing ties and track pants every Thursday,
Tense thighs tweaking into think and thin trousers,
troubled with thoughts of taxidermic toucans who choose the trees
that tan and tease themselves with jungle trunks, tilling with toes and teeth,
think twenty pillars arranged in perpendicular structure,
awaiting their tenure, until taxmen push full throttle the teams of timbermen,
aka tricksters, terrifying the tribesmen, who run in throngs and thongs,
thwarted and tied to the land they once knew,
where birds thanked the sunrises that traveled through the tierra,
and all this fades into twilight as the Taiwanese triplets tell Tims and Toms across
Texas that they only have time for a Tall tea today its Tuesday!



Umpires unify unilateral utterances until unknowing
ulcers upset undying upheavals unique upon unspecified universe.


Vilified visitors veer through vortexes and varied venerations
of vicious volunteers, varnished by valleys as revamped victories
varying through inverted apex torn by inverse votes for vast versioned
vehicles and high occupancy villagers.


Would wicks blown by wind burn fire to wire wood,
womb and water wasted on willingness to worry over world wide web and war?
Why work, win, want, and whine whistle wicked witches
make sammies from the worst wheat in the west?
The waddles of walrus’s wink to wolves, right or wrong,
they wince and weaken through wreck less writing.
Woah, the wool wills lambful worship upon swollen wonders.


Xilophones Xeroxed from Xanadu did decree extraordinarily X-rated xeric exempt.


Yesteryear yields yarn you use, Yes. Yet yell for, why,
yack and yearn, new yuan with yorked fork, gather ye yonkers,
your yummy yuck of yolk is yellow yelle, a caus de garcons.


Zebras are zapped with zoom microphones
As Zurich serves zabagliones das is zer gud, along with zingy microwave tea

Steeped from Zimbabwe by zany zookeepers in zoic era of zilch.