This page is in flux. It contains ideas for films that are written, in production, in development, or otherwise. 

Ask me about any of them. 

6 Shots to Story - Tell a story in 6 shots

AFI Top 100 - One moving shot through standing sets of the original AFI Top 100 films list

A State of Cannabis - Documentary about the contradiction between federal and state cannabis law

cLAr - Video and picture essay of the things Los Angeles drivers do in their cars

Grow-Share-Y - A reality show about swapping grocery store carts AFTER they have been purchased

HAir - A short about the male image

IRS Audit - A fantastical short about a gambling man getting out of his taxes

Low Ink - A story about someone trying to print every page of the internet

Wherever The Wind Takes Me - A short film about the wisdom of a friend who passed on coming back to share

Written By Hand - A feature tasked with the story of love, music, artistry, and the loss and gain of sensorial experience