The Siblings Redding

Williams Redding sat down to thumb a paper
His coat trenched of single serve, sized jet fuel aroma
His lifestyle was a metropolitan, airborne layover:
A keychain of eclectic and various colored double panned doors
Vetted cologne in solid state, sleek pocket sized applicators
Color pallet of upscale, German waterfront warehouses

Zamora Redding, his sister, dove into a cautiously labeled beverage
Pick me up rings ordained tattooed digits,
Her lifestyle a range of journeyed easiness to and from an urban island:
Ink and leather flick her story off wrists and ankles
A dharmic bug out bag stamped with visa adventures and supplies
Color pallet of Icelandic Arora Borealis

"Mr. Hahn, Mr. Dennis Hahn, please come to a white courtesy telephone"


Gate change on intercom moments later
Williams, prompted, glances the cross-hallway monitor
Zamora circles her manicured feet in stretch preparation
Big bro dunks his ink stained fingertips into her java
Spotted, Lil sis retorts with extended foot in trip fashion
Both stumble from gate 10 cafe onto tiled walkways,
Designed in "one decade too retro" patterns
Giggles, and arm swats, filled the high heel air

The echoed building carried them to repeat announcements

Gate after gate, wingtip to wingtip, the matter moved in mass

Hands drawn, cradled, their QR boarding passes were prepped
A line of their own formed
Zone 3whatever
Drew them seated, still life, seat belts fastened and bags underknee

Back position seats, black box trap, safety pitch rap heard yet again

Williams fell asleep on the ascent
He always did
Zamora clenched her flatulent drenched faux leather in window panned anticipation

A stiff neck and dry nasal sockets later, The Brother Redding jolted awake, spider grave mouth gawked open just wide enough for passing stewards to aim almonds anonymously

Deep in head bobbing bliss, The Sister Redding found another reason to smile in the lucid state of her siblings' uncertainty in position, state, spin, and destination. A fleeting moment of needle skipping groove transfer later, she was the master of the itinerary

Compliments to the chef on the complimentary chalice, for there is dissolute discourse in grapevine libations when offered in luxurious fantasy through seat sized separation

A small fork and vegan butter knife spread later, elements of home unzipped and untied their digits, as toes filled the additional charge of space, the time came, for relatively relaxed relatives to recline, rest, and rush past the earthen coil of soil hurdles.