The Whale / “Bahamut”

Inspired by a dream in 2010, this grandmother spirit animal came to me, and has showed me, day by day, her expansive dream world. 


The Purse

Tess finds a magical, 'Mary Poppins' inspired purse, that grants her every desire anytime she reaches inside, and as she tires to hide her secret, friends and strangers begin to take notice.


The Eschaton

Terrence and Mckenna attempt their master plan of dosing the water source of The Whale with psilocybin a.k.a. magic mushrooms, in order to bring about the most rapid change towards a dis or u-topia, which ever comes first. 



Felix discovers the magical Purse, and uses it to escape his responsibilities of the Inter-Year, a required program for graduate students specializing in civic service that prepare individuals for life on The Whale. 



The story of Leo Dervak, an activist of consciousness, interested in the work of Terrence and Mckenna, who sees the need to reinvent the main tool of language, the keyboard.



Above water, dark magic fuels the pursuit of The Whale and The Purse, by Tokusuki, a self obsessed tyrant and collector of material wealth, wreaking havoc on the villagers who inhabit and maintain his personal island. 



Caught in a downward spiral, Chris develops a plan to free his family from the life of a Streetizen--the lowest caste on The Whale--by attempting to hijack a supplies vehicle.