Weekends of blistered foot and sore legs, gluteus Maximus sat upon for thousands o miles, eyes passing Fanny license plate from state unknown, somewhere down south I presume
Limpish waddles down Fullerton of over trafficked Chicago. Hot and windy. Accessibility through stamped plastic, to Loop and bars and forgotten Friday nights, Muggy foam, sweat drips on tap down backs and bras, down through balls and Bulls.

Randolph and wabash

Trust your doctor doctor who

The Doors closing now

Road signs,

sparkling peaches,

river walks,



walking married couple,

silver performers,

98.7 tuned while on the road,

all remind me of her

Operatic thunderstorms, winds mold grey spectrums into horned fractals, upturned and rolling snowbanks in the sky

Crates in Crete
Yellow looks Orange
Grey on Hound
J.B. is Hunt

Ah Ladora, that's wonderful to say,
I pass by citadels at 75 mph in blurred perspective:
Tama Montezuma
Redfield Dexter
Avoca Harian
What country am I traveling through?
Swinging my state and using my mileage, nearly empty, like the cabin of my truck, save for me
800 miles to go, 591 online friends, no companion for this wandering vehicle and mind

Until I stop in Haxtun Sedgewick, whereby a man named Sedgewick Haxtun tests the Air Conditioned winds and finds a ride, HO! We must go! He exclaims, holding a leather datebook and

Hop sliding into my Shotgun, check for weapons, only the pen he exclaims, proponent of peace

And alphabetical poetics, breaking the magnetic clasp of his datebook he finger glides by tiny ticks through dozens of pages to a section of 26 ink smudged thoughts, he sings:

Ah how they will yell of the bearded man who clowns from his car
Who peeks a boos with you and yous
Double takes and look aways, as each car passes, as trucks spew black, as heads turn and horns honk I use the straight 4 laned gateway to the west as an inter-reaction, as a protraction of communication, points won by turns to companions and boy, they will never forget THAT exit